About Working Papers

What is “Working Papers?”

Working Papers is an online space where scholars of Islam and Islamic history can share their work and elicit feedback from other members in the field.  In addition, scholars can browse the work of colleagues and provide comments in the margins.  By providing a space to discuss works in progress, we hope to emphasize the importance of peer engagement in research and strengthen the community as a whole.

How does it work?

Working Papers is not only a space to present work, but to engage with the feedback of others.  Once a work is posted, other scholars will be able to comment “in the margins” at a paragraph level.  Authors receive a notification each time another scholar comments on their work and are able to comment back.

Likewise, scholars are able to browse through our index of working papers in order to read and comment on the works of others.  Scholars that leave a comment will be notified if the author or another reviewer responds.

In addition, scholars will have the option of “following” other scholars, meaning that they will be notified each time that scholar submits new work.

Finally, each month we will select a featured author and reviewer with the hopes of generating community discussion around a single work.

How do I submit a working paper?

We are striving to make the process as easy as possible. Scholars who are not familiar with WordPress can email their paper directly to our Working Papers Coordinator, Maxim Romanov (romanov (dot) maxim (at) gmail.com), who will then post the paper to the site.

Scholars who wish to post their paper themselves need only to click on the “Create a Working Paper” button at the top right of the homepage.  Scholars will then be prompted to enter the title of their paper and create a customized URL. Next, the scholar will be directed to a new “mini-site” devoted solely to their paper.  Directions will be given here for copy and pasting the text of their paper into the site.


What happens after I submit a working paper?

Your new working paper will now be searchable within our index and will also show up on our site’s activity feed.  A link to your working paper will be listed on your Islamic History Commons profile. In addition, any scholars that have chosen to “follow” your work, will be notified of your recent submission.  Likewise, you will be notified if someone comments on your work and will be given the opportunity to respond.