Syllabi Collections

Welcome to the Middle East Medievalists’ Syllabi Collections Page


Here you will find a cultivated collection of syllabi for a variety of undergraduate- and graduate-level classes relating to the Medieval Middle East.

Survey-level syllabi are a useful resource for colleagues who teach broad introductory classes that span beyond their immediate field of expertise.

Upper-level and graduate-level syllabi provide templates for colleagues wishing to introduce new courses to their institutions’ catalogues, or to revamp existing courses.

The purpose of these collections is to provide pedagogical support for MEMbers and to encourage conversations about the most effective teaching and learning strategies. These syllabi will offer specific ideas about readings and assignments, provide food for thought about how to approach a particular topic, and allow MEMbers to benefit from colleagues’ teaching experience.

If you would like to submit a syllabus to be included on this site, please email your syllabus as a PDF to Your syllabi should include the following information: 1) course title and professor’s name, 2) year/semester course was offered, 3) required readings and materials, 4) course description, 5) course goals/student learning outcomes (ideally, these goals should be explicitly linked to particular assignments), 6) brief description of assignments, 7) course outline/schedule.


If the syllabi collections page proves successful, MEM plans to expand it further by including additional pedagogical resources such as primary source suggestions, links to online resources, and discussion boards on specific teaching ideas.