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Toward Abstract Models for Islamic History

NB: the paper has been presented @ Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, Brown University, Providence, RI (October 24-25, 2013); the video recording of the presentation is available @ www.islamichumanities.org > Day One (timestamp of the presentation 2:48:00; Q&A: 3:51:30); the entire paper is also available as a PDF All models are false, […]

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Writing Digital History of the pre-Modern Islamic World

[Submitted for publication in: Methods and means for digital analysis of ancient and medieval texts and manuscripts, Proceedings of the Conference, Leuven, 2012] Historians of the pre-modern Muslim world are blessed with hundreds of Arabic historical sources, abundant in well-structured biographical records. Largely multi-volume, each chronicle or biographical dictionary includes biographies in numbers that range […]

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