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Christine Baker


Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Shi'ism, historiography, orthodoxy/heterodoxy, historical narrative, memory, Fatimids, Buyids

Short bio

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2013. My research focuses on discourses on “heterodoxy” and “orthodoxy” in medieval Islam; the formation of different forms of Muslim identity in 10th-century North Africa, Iraq, and Iran; and how the development of those identities were portrayed and remembered in historical narrative.

I teach on the medieval and modern Middle East and Islamic world, the Mediterranean, and World History.

I am the book review editor of H-MEM (Middle East Medievalists) — if you are interested in reviewing books for H-MEM, send me an email!

You can find me on twitter @christineDbaker and I also help run the MEM FB and twitter (@MideastMedieval) accounts.


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