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New Issue: Journal of Sufi Studies

The editors are pleased to announce the publication of the new issue of the
“Journal of Sufi Studies.”

Journal of Sufi Studies 2.2 (2013)
Table of Contents


Arin Salamah-Qudsi. “Crossing the Desert: Siyāḥa and Safar as Key Concepts in Early Sufi Literature and Life.” pp. 129–147.

Ata Anzali. “The Emergence of the Ẕahabiyya in Safavid Iran.” pp. 149–175.

Kristian Petersen. “The Heart of Wang Daiyu’s Philosophy: The Seven Subtleties of Islamic Spiritual Physiology.” pp. 177–201.


Nile Green. Sufism: A Global History. Author: Alexander Knysh. pp. 203–206.

Saeko Yazaki. Islamic Mysticism and Abū Ṭālib al-Makkī: The Role of the Heart. Author: Martin Nguyen. pp. 207–209.

Jean-Jacques Thibon. L’œuvre d’Abū ‘Abd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī (325/937-412/1021) et la formation du soufisme. Author: Jawid Mojaddedi. pp. 210–212.

Firoozeh Papan-Matin. Beyond Death: The Mystical Teachings of ʿAyn al-Quḍāt al-Hamadhānī. Author: Mohammed Rustom. pp. 213–216.

Aḥmad Ibn ʿAjība. The Book of Ascension to the Essential Truths of Sufism (Miʿrāj al-tashawwuf ilā ḥaqāʾiq al-taṣawwuf): A Lexicon of Sufic Terminology. Author: Irfan A. Omar. pp. 217–220.


A biannual journal published by Brill, the Journal of Sufi Studies furnishes an international scholarly forum for research on Sufism. Taking an expansive view of the subject, the journal brings together all disciplinary perspectives. It publishes peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on the historical, cultural, social, philosophical, political, anthropological, literary, artistic and other aspects of Sufism in all times and places. By promoting an understanding of the richly variegated Sufi tradition in both thought and practice and in its cultural and social contexts, the Journal of Sufi Studies makes a distinctive contribution to current scholarship on Sufism and its integration into the broader field of Islamic studies. The journal accepts submissions in English, French and German. Submission guidelines and procedures may be found at General queries may be addressed to the Executive Editor, Erik S. Ohlander, at ohlandee at

Please note that Brill has made free access to the online edition of the “Journal of Sufi Studies” available to individual scholars through the end of 2014. Individuals may activate this access by creating an individual user account at and entering the access token JSS4U in the “add content” field on the “my account” page.

Journal of Sufi Studies

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